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Suppliers and Services For Franchisees
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Welcome to VariousFranchiseSites.com!

My name is Chris Simnick; I have been involved with business and franchising for over 30
years as an independent business person, a franchisee and Franchisor. I am president and
founder of
Synergy Franchise Group, LLC, a full service franchise coaching, consulting and
development company.
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We set up VFsites.com to operate on the premise; keep it simple and let everyone play on a
level field. VariousFranchiseSites.com is easy to use and is broken down into more than
two dozen other domain links dedicated to specific industries and segments within
franchising.  Our goal; to reach out for people interested in franchising and offering
information on a variety of franchise opportunities. In my  30 years of business I have found
as many as 90% of people who joined the franchise systems I was privileged to be part of
did not originally think those would be companies, let alone industries they would have

Our experience has also shown if you give people the opportunity to research multiple
opportunities easily, quickly, without confusion and in a visually effective and pleasing
manor, they will spend more time on the site, come back more often and respond more
Furthering Franchising Through Communication and Education
VariousFranchiseSites.com provides you a way to investigate franchise opportunities in a way YOU will feel more comfortable choosing the "sites" YOU  want to
investigate and we hope you will enjoy the single source, one site stop approach. Please check back often as we are adding franchise opportunities often.

If you would like to know more about VariousFranchiseSites.com, have any questions or you can't quite find what you are looking for;
contact us and we will do what
we can to help. We wish you the best in all your personal and professional endeavors.

Thank you for stopping by VFsites.com,

The Synergy Franchise Group Network
Not Sure Where
To Start or You
Do Not Have A
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to the variety of opportunities. We also know from experience most people search by key word and often times wind up back on the same site.
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